Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Passion of my life........''''''''''

Life is the name of joy and struggle .Everybody has some moments of happiness and some moments of sorrow but every body wants that their life should be full of happiness .Now days every person wants to be professional. I also want to be a professional .In my childhood I used to take interest in practical work instead of theories .I always used to take interest in field work or creative work .I was crazy for participating in science exhibitions ,speeches , debates , group discussions ,anchoring etc and have always liked express my opinion & views on various topics ,whenever school organized a program .I was always chosen as the anchor for that particular program .whenever I delivered a speech ,every time I felt that I posses a good quality of speaking .My parents and friends told me that you should recognize your quality ,so I felt that I have creativity and I can do something creative .Then I thought about Journalism and Mass Communication .I want to do something creative in my life , since childhood I have been fond of watching and hearing the news .I like news readers I also want to be a news reader ,it my passion and ambition ; but in my home town no body had knowledge about this course so I have faced many problems . I had to search for many things, which were related to this course. I had to applying many universities for entrance exams.
When I gave my entrance exam in Dayalbagh University I was really tensed because my written exam was fine but my interview was not very good but after all I get selected, so it’s really good for me because this is the first step of my career .My first semester was related to the Print Media .I have learnt many things in first semester,which are new & amazing for me .I saw that there are many options for my career as a Reporter ,Designer, Editor ,Advertiser and Photo journalist so I can choose any option for my bright future.
Now days second semester is going on, which is related to Electronic Media .Here are many options for my career as News reader, Live reporter, Net Designer, News anchor etc .And I know very well that in these fields name and fame both are there well now I am enjoying this course .After finishing this course I will do my best for my bright future.
That’s why I am doing Post Graduate Diploma course in Journalism and Mass Communication.(-:) (-:) (-:)

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