Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taj city is again for me...

After long time I have pen down for my lovely blog Experience of because of some problems but now I am come back with lot of things of Experience of Taj City. I have started my blog when I was studying in Dayalbagh University and lived in hostel with some restrictions. But I like restrictions of my hostel even I miss my all hostel mates and wardens. I learn so many things and feel that hostel life was necessary for me to remove my laziness and bad habits.

After six days of my exams, I have joined Hindustan Times in Agra as a trainee reporter. That was the new and very amazing experience for me while my seniors supported me and taught me that how I improve my reporting skills. I didn’t think that one day I would be a part of a best English news paper Hindustan Times. While my dream was come true when I got the letter from the company that I can work with HT as a correspondent for Taj city. My boss is too lovely because he treats me like his child and supports me so much. His dialogues are also very nice and we mostly laugh on his dialogues. (:-)(:-)(:-)(:-)

My Taj city experiences are too good and funny but a experience was always memorable for me when I met some ones who guided and encourage me for my further study even he said to me that I should be focus on my study with job.

Well friends don’t think any thing as about some ones because they are he and she both and includes my special friend list. Because of my work I visit mostly areas of Taj city but I like Sadar Market and Dayalbagh only.

I will share my other experience of Taj city with you in next posts. Love you all byyyyeeeeee.


  1. well writen di..!! hope your dedication towards your work help you to get more and more success in your life...!!

  2. its fantastic wth ur experience abt Agra. its memorable ever ever n forever.........we can`t forget our dying days :)


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