Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best Occasion for me

After completing one and half year of my job, I have decided that I should do something new with my job but question is that what new? And finally I am searching the answer of this question. Well there are so many options but I am actually searching something new. When I talk to my friends and family members about it, they all are suggesting me that I should join a NGO for helping the children of slum area but I can’t do it because I knew that I can’t justice with my work. On the auspicious occasion of Republic Day, I should also write something on this day.   26th January, is the day of big celebration as the patriotic fervour grips the country on the 63rd Republic Day and we are celebrating with great zest and zeal. On this occasion when I talk little Shubam that are you happy to celebrate this festival then he smiled and said of course because I sang a song and bagged a medal. Independence and Republic celebration are always very important for school going students but I am not digesting one thing that why college going students don’t have interest for celebrating it even they treat these days like a official holiday. But being a journalist, I am happy to be part of these grand celebrations and having the opportunity to write on these days and express my views and the all citizens. 

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