Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A day in the life ........''''''''

I want to say that, my first day in Agra was not good for me. This was my first time when I left my parents so I was very tense. When I reached Agra I found that my hostel form was missing, and my warden said Where is your hostel form, I said that I don’t have my hostel form and my hostel form is at my friend’s room. So I am going at my friend’s room to bring the form. When I reached at my friend room, I felt that I had lost my money, It was shocking for me and I was in dilemma that what to do and what not to do but suddenly, my father’s advice came in my mind that in new place (where, there is no relative) only money helps you so it was very bad for me .Then after taking my form and came to my hostel. My warden told me where the signature of Dean is. Again she told me that I want a form signed by Dean ,then I went to university for signature but… , Dean was not there it was also shocking for me because it was must for me , then I waited there for three hours. After that I came in hostel and submitted my hostel form to warden mam .
Then saw my room & my room number was 220, at that time I thanked God because room number was 220 not 420. Then I saw my room mate. This was also good for me because my room mate also belongs to my city and she was my batch mate in 10+2 so I was very happy. )-:) (-:)(-:)

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