Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something good for me in hostel ..........'''''''

In my opinion, hostel life has its own pains and pleasure. Hostel life gives us opportunity to learn and experience many new things. I can never forget my first day in the hostel.
Here In the hostel, we learn to value things and advice of our parents. All fellow hostellers seem to me as part of my family. Back home, my mother used to always instruct me not to waste water, electricity, food etc. But I didn’t listen to her. In the hostel, I have to strictly follow these rules like cleaning the room, maintaining the garden etc. If I break them, I am punished. We have to wash bathrooms, corridor, maintain the garden, etc .One thing about the hostel, which really impressed me was the concept of “wing meetings”.
For every wing there is an In-charge, who takes care of it. In my first wing meeting, we new hostellers were asked to introduce ourselves and were made aware of the hostel rules and regulations. We were told not to use more than one bucket of water, not to wash clothes while taking bath. I remembered my mother and her advices. I was such a lazy girl at home but here in the hostel, I have learnt the value of time. My parents are really happy to see the change in me.(-:) (-:)

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    .........evry gls must be sinceare like u
    good beta keep it up


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