Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's my family.........'''''''''

In my hostel life I am only one student of journalism and mass communication .I have no classmates here but I am happy because of my room mate and my hostel mates .In morning time juniors are wish me (Radha Soami Ma'am )that time I realize that I am a senior and they all are juniors but I think that it is my foolish thought .when I talk to my juniors I feel that I am also a junior so I easily share my feelings with them I want to discuss an incident related to the juniors to all. Actually when I came into my hostel, only few students knew about me and on third day I went to room number 135 for taking a book but by chance I entered into room number 134 because I was not wearing my spectacles so I confused . When I entered the room, girls of that room asked me “who are you, why have you entered this room without knocking the door? Don’t you have any knowledge about the rules of hostel?”I replied that I was really sorry but since door was already open that’s why I didn’t knock the door .Immediately one girl said (In first year ka to dimag kaharb hai sub pagal hi ate hai yaha toa ,so friends is frist year ko kaun sa punishment diya jai ) when I heard this I knew ,what problem was with these girls .I left the room and told this to my room mate ,then my room mate told to the warden about this problem so my warden took action immediately and asked them to apologize to Divya ,after this the girls came into my room and said sorry Mam .We didn’t know that you are a PG scholar .“hearing this I said no problem but next time please don’t create such type of problem for juniors” it’s a very amazing incident for me .when I remember this I laugh in hostel .I also miss many things like my bed ,my room , my T.V.and most of all my mobile and mom’s food .Hostel food is also very good but there is no love of my mother .I also like one thing in my hostel that is birthday parties ,it is really very good we all celebrate the birthday party at night time .We all sing songs , dance etc .It’s too good since I feel that we all are for each other .Now I am so happy with my hotel family and I like each members of this family

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